5 Best Rado Watches For Men

5 Best Rado Watches For Men

Rado a renowned name in the wristwatch industry is one of the few classy, reliable, and luxurious brands. The Swiss watchmaker founded in the 20th century is one of the earliest pioneers of the avant-garde movement and the innovative drive in the watchmaking industry. Since 1928, the Rado name has been synonymous with high-quality timepieces that are stylish and functional.

Some of the best watches from the Rado collection are:

   1. Rado Captain Cook

best rado caption cook watch

The collection is a homage to devices that helped mariners travel the seas with an effective grip on time. First launched in 1960 the vintage watch made a comeback in 2020.  Available in three different colors, including blue, green, and brown, a 42 mm automatic timepiece with a 30-meter water resistance

2. Rado Centrix Automatic Open Heart

best vintage watches rado

This timepiece is a 38 mm self-winding device that offers up to 80 hours of power reserve. The Centrix Open Heart comes along with a skeleton dial that lets you peek inside the soul of the watch. The timepiece is pretty basic except for the unorthodox dial.

3. Rado Hyper chrome

rado watches for men

The watch here is a 45 mm behemoth with automatic movement. The watch has a chronograph, 10-meter water resistance, and a bracelet made of the patented Ceramos technology. This collections of watches are sleek and dynamic.

4. Rado True Square Diamonds Automatic

best selling rado watches

Rado’s minimalistic approach to design, with jet black dial and gold branding, this piece of beautiful design is at the pinnacle of simplicity. Instead of regular indices, Rado has marked each hour with a diamond, which also makes this watch more unisex than some of the others.

5. True ThinlineToge

The collection aims at bringing back the class and finesse that ultra-thin watches were known for. The timepiece here is a 39 mm Quartz-powered device that is available in a limited edition of only 1,001 pieces. True Thinline collection has been around for a while and to be honest, the brand has been majorly successful in its endeavors.

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